Eyes To The Thighs, Gentlemen.

Just when I thought that Tokyo could not get any more saturated with sexist ads:


(1:35: a mom and her daughter going gaga over a refrigerator then again with another ad propagating women’s place in the home at 2:11 and 2:25; the unnecessary boob display at 2:40 and finally, the little girl dancing with animals that have disturbingly enlarged breasts and testicles)


( It’s called Viral BOOBS plus note the woman in the apron in the background at the 0:18 mark)


img_4407(Superheroes can’t be fat. Sorry, FEMALE superheroes can’t be.)

it seems Japanese ad agencies still have it in them to surprise me and their consumers. Japanese ad agency WIT is getting a leg up on their competition–literally. In order to capture the attention of their coveted male audience, WIT decided to place ads on the one spot that men can’t seem to look away from–women’s thighs.



Since Japan racked up one hell of a bill on outdoor advertising in 2012–¥299.5 billion (that’s $2.99 billion)–they decided women’s thighs were the next best investment. Much more cost effective and more pleasurable to look at.


Participants can make up to $121 a day from each thigh. They must be at least 18 years old, have 20 friends on a social network, be young and attractive (not really a requirement, but evidenced by the pictures I’ve seen), and take pictures of themselves donning these temporary thigh-sized adverts. The participants are encouraged to wear mini skirts and long socks so that onlookers can focus on the ads, because of course when confronted with the choice of looking up an attractive young woman’s mini skirt or an ad for beer, men will always choose the latter.


Remember, Japan has the highest rate of women getting sexually harassed on their daily commutes, it’s the only country where men can purchase women’s used underwear from vending machines, and where Enjo-kosai (compensated dating where older men trade luxury goods for sexual favors from young women) is a cultural norm so that isn’t an entirely unfair assumption.

Oh, and these exist too:





Instead of  discouraging men who are already prone to sexualizing women, THIS GUY,


is encouraging them to enjoy these “ads” with pleasure. “It’s an absolutely perfect place to put an advertisement as it is what guys are eager to look at and girls are okay to expose,” said Atsumi.

Granted, we girls like to show off our legs every now and then, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to exploit that. Sure, it’s not the most controversial thing. We’ve all seen ads plastered on women’s busts and bums, but it doesn’t make the supposed “future” of advertising less upsetting. For the NTH time women should not be sexualized and for that matter women should stop being okay with participating in stuff like this. COME ON GIRLS WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER AND YOU’RE REALLY NOT HELPING BY BEING OKAY WITH THIS.

Show me the young men in shorts prancing around with thigh ads, Hidenori! Oh, what was that? Yeah, they’re not allowed to participate. Why not?

I enjoy a little glimpse of man leg as much as the next girl. I demand to see some tampon ads plastered on some meaty male thighs! Let’s be equitable, people.

3 thoughts on “Eyes To The Thighs, Gentlemen.”

    1. Thanks for the support, mayankk! Agreed. Unfortunately, things like this and much worse besides usually go unpunished for inane reasons like its not their place to interfere or there are no charges that’ll stick.

  1. these issues can be solved, by taking support from local people. The residents needs to support first, than only local government authority can be made to think for it.
    We also do organize such campaigns in regional specific localities, and we gets a lot of support. Try doing this, the local majority will win your campaign. :)

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